• Hello Upper Valley Chiropractic Friends!!!
    Dr. Bryan Natusch wanted to let you know about FREE session happening tomorrow night (Tuesday 5/20/14) all about “eating clean”!
    Learn what it means to “Eat Clean”!
    Why can it be good for you and more!
    Free tips and information from Nicole Carriere, Certified Health Coach and owner of YogaPiphany Yoga Studio & Plate Planner!
    Call in from anywhere!

    If you are interested in participating in the EAT CLEAN FOR 14 program that will be following the info on this teleconference, Register for the 14 day program below!
    Contact: Nicole Carriere at nicole@ypwellness.com to register! You can join our in person Kickoff meeting at Upper Valley Chiropractic on Thursday 5/22 or start virtually !

    You and your family are worth the changes! Start today!

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