• The office will be closed from 8/22-26/16 and will be open again on 8/29/16 for regular hours.

    Feel free to email info@uppervalleychiropractic.com to schedule, or leave a message at 603-298-7400.  Courtney, Jen, and Mary will be scheduling when we return.

    If in need this week, we have some great chiropractors in the area.

    Dr. Andrea Kannas, Woodstock.  802-332-6125

    Dr. Matt Stralka, Lebanon 603-667-0095

    Dr. James Pitarys, Lyme 603-643-7800

    Dr. Mike Mundy, Lyme 603-643-2200

    Dr. Josh Gale, Woodstock 802-291-2288

    And a number of others.

    We will see you when we get back, recharged and ready!

  • Right now is open enrollment time for health insurance coverage.

    The open enrollment is 11/15/14 and goes through 2/15/15.

    There are new options in NH for employers and individuals this year compared to last year, and it likely would save you money to review and update your policies.


    At Upper Valley Chiropractic we’ve been working with Evan Roberts from Legacy Financial Group to help review our options both on the healthcare exchange, and off the exchange for business owners, too.


    If you’ve been navigating the options on your own, Evan can help you review options and get quotes for you and your family with no added cost. He’s an insurance broker and not connected to any one company or policy.


    You can connect with Evan Roberts with Legacy Financial Group at


    (802) 989-0985



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  • We will be on vacation from 9/1 through 9/9.

    We will return for normal business hours on 9/10 and 9/12.

    Please plan accordingly to get adjusted before we leave, and when we get back in order to keep on track with your schedule as best as possible.

    If you are in need of emergency care, some of the local chiropractors that would be great to contact are:

    • Dr. Mike Mundy at hanoverfamilychiropractic.com (603) 643-2200
    • Dr. James Pitarys (Hanover) pitaryschiropractic.com (603) 643-7800
    • Dr. Andrea Kannas (Woodstock, VT) chirowellnessstudio.com (802) 332-6125
    • Dr. Matt Stralka (Hanover) gatewaychiropracticofhanover.com (603) 667-0095
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  • Hello Upper Valley Chiropractic Friends!!!
    Dr. Bryan Natusch wanted to let you know about FREE session happening tomorrow night (Tuesday 5/20/14) all about “eating clean”!
    Learn what it means to “Eat Clean”!
    Why can it be good for you and more!
    Free tips and information from Nicole Carriere, Certified Health Coach and owner of YogaPiphany Yoga Studio & Plate Planner!
    Call in from anywhere!

    If you are interested in participating in the EAT CLEAN FOR 14 program that will be following the info on this teleconference, Register for the 14 day program below!
    Contact: Nicole Carriere at nicole@ypwellness.com to register! You can join our in person Kickoff meeting at Upper Valley Chiropractic on Thursday 5/22 or start virtually !

    You and your family are worth the changes! Start today!

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  • EatClean14 LogoDo you dare?

    What are your goals for this summer?

    This is the Nudge you’ve been waiting for to finally make a change!

    In May Upper Valley Chiropractic is very excited to bring you a healthy eating program to get you back on track, get ready for the summer, and simply discover foods that are right for you. We are partnering with Nicole Carriere, Certified Health Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher and Owner of YogaPiphany Wellness and Plate Planner. Nicole has developed this eating and lifestyle plan to help people get back to the basics of eating whole foods. This is a 14 day guided program where you will receive a detailed meal plan, shopping list, recipes, lifestyle tips, and most importantly support to help you find the foods that work best for you!

    Dates for you to mark down:

    • Tuesday, May 6th at 8:00 pm  Q&A Call (via phone) to hear more details and ask questions. Call in from anywhere!
    • Tuesday, May 13th at 8:00 pm Virtual Program, call in: This one-hour kickoff call will give you all Eat Clean Postcard Frontthe tools you need to get ready for the program. It will also include some food samples and plenty of Q&A time with Nicole to give you the support you need to kickoff the 14 days right!
    • Thursday, May 15th at 6:00 pm In Person at Upper Valley Chiropractic: This one-hour kickoff will give you all the tools you need to get ready for the program. It will also include some food samples and plenty of Q&A time with Nicole to give you the support you need to kickoff the 14 days right!
    • Saturday, May 17th – Friday, May 30th Your Eat Clean for 14 Program! An amazing 14 days to change your mindset, find energy, cleanse your body, and help you rediscover you!!!!

    Resources for you to check out:

    To view more about Nicole Carriere or to schedule a FREE Health Consultation go to www.plateplanner.com or emailnicole@ypwellness.com!
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  • Is your head filled with visions of sugarplums

    (or to-do lists)?


     Staying Balanced, Healthy, and Sane During the Holidays Workshop

    (Simple Ways to Finish this Year with Grace and Ease)


    christmas tea

    Too many of us start the New Year exhausted, stressed out, unhappy, and glad to be leaving the holiday season behind.


    Why do we feel defeated before the season even starts?

    It’s hard to stay on track, to honor our priorities, and to keep your life in balance during this busy time.

    But, there ARE some things you can do to stay calm, healthy, balanced and sane, and NOW is the time to start.


    *Learn how to:

    • build immunity
    • cope with stress
    • balance blood sugar

    so you can take full advantage of the beauty of the holiday season

    and start off the new year right!



    Tuesday, Dec. 10 at 12:30pm


    Thursday, Dec 12 at 7pm

    Upper Valley Chiropractic (103 Hanover St., Lebanon)



    Led by Susan Reade, Certified Health and Nutrition Counselor, MAT, AADP www.susanreade.com


    Please r.s.v.p to susanreade@gmail.com



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  • Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!

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    May this day be filled with family and friends, love and laughter, good food, good health, and gratitude for this abundant life!


    We love and appreciate you!




    Dr. Bryan Natusch
    Dr. Amber McLelland
    Mary Decato

    Michele Suhesky (the newest addition.. stay tuned to get to know her)

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  • Thanks for all your well wishes and joining us in celebrating the arrival of our little peanut. She is 6lbs 13 oz. and 20.5 ” long. She was born at home and Dr. Amber is doing well, though needing much rest to recuperate this week. Thank you for understanding and working with Mary as she gets all appointments rescheduled for this week until next.baby P

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  • That’s Right!! We’re back and ready to get you your final tune-up adjustments of 2012. Dr. Bryan Natusch will be adjusting from 8:30-12 noon and from 2-5 PM. Call Mary at 603-298-7400 to get your spot and finish off the year ready for great things in 2013!

    We will be CLOSED on 1/1/13 and return to normal business hours and days on WEDNESDAY 1/2/13 with both Dr. Bryan and Dr. Amber McLelland back in the adjusting seat!

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