We’ve made it to an amazing time of year… the Holidays!
    Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc!


    We have partnered up with an amazing person, Kelli DiFazio from River Valley Health & Wellness, to bring additional support and healing direction through the foods we choose for our bodies and minds!

    She’s brings a loving, energetic approach to her recommendations, and we look forward to you meeting her!

    She put together some tips for the holidays and loving yourself and the maximizing the choices you make!

    You can meet her at the free event on 11/30/17 here at the office:

    Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Workshop

    Click for more info!

    Holiday Health Tips

    1. Start Strength Training NOW!

      1. Building a solid foundation of muscle will help your metabolic rate stay higher
        during the holiday season. Muscle burns more than fat! Mentally, you’ll know
        you’ve been working hard all month, and It may keep you in check!
    2. Limit your indulgence to one or two days of the Holiday

      1. Keeping your holiday indulgence to the ‘eve’ and the actual day-of, will help
        you not over do it. Try to keep in mind the 90% healthy 10% less healthy rule.
        If you eat 3 meals per day 7 days per week, you eat 21 meals a week. Being
        generous, this rule gives you 3 meals per week to indulge, enjoy, and not feel
        guilty about. This extends past the holidays into your daily life too!
    3. Eat healthy, well-rounded meals in between.

      1. Thanksgiving morning, eat a healthy breakfast. The apps will likely start flowing
        around 2 or 3, and knowing you have eaten a healthy balanced breakfast will
        bring you into the party a lot less hungry, and help keep you from over eating.
        Between holidays, always commit to healthy balanced meals. Don’t snowball
        the holiday eating!
    4. Make sure you get some exercise!

      1. Holidays and long weekends are a fun time to relax, but getting outside,
        especially this time of year, can be a good for your body & mind as we adjust
        to winter hours and weather. It’s a great group activity for family & kids also!
        Bundle up, and take the crew for an outside walk around the neighborhood or
        some nature trails if you have them, get a game of football or frisbee going.
        Take time to PLAY! It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, you don’t have to be
        drained, just move that body. It’ll help you offset extra calories & keep digestion
        stimulated to help avoid any constipation.
    5. Be Mindful!

      1. Mindlessness is often how over-eating happens. At home, it’s with things like
        the TV on or computer in front of you. On holidays, there is so much
        stimulation overload coming from friends, kids, dogs, games, etc. When you
        choose to eat, choose to eat. Try not to multitask. Smaller portions will help
        you get back to the fun quicker minimizing FOMO (fear of missing out). (WIN/WIN)
    6. Just a *taste*

      1. When it comes to appetizers, Thanksgiving dinner, etc… we often LOAD up
        our plates trying to get a serving of each delicious plate. If you eat healthy 90%
        of the time, especially throughout the holidays, a little indulgence is totally fine,
        and in my opinion welcome, but portions will be a huge factor here. Especially
        rich/fatty/sugary foods (i.e. potatoes au gratin, or my aunt’s famous cheesy
        bread dip) limit your consumption to a bite or two. Enough to experience the
        flavors, but not enough to make you bloated and full mid party!
    7. Drink a glass of water for every drink you have.

      1. The oldest trick in the book! You’ll have that many less beers, glass of wine, or
        cocktails which means less sugar, less calories, and less of a hangover
        tomorrow. You may also avoid that late night urge to go eat the food that’s
        been sitting out for 5-6 hours.
    8. Do NOT beat yourself up over your holiday indulgence.

      1. One bad meal doesn’t make you fat, just like one salad doesn’t make you
        skinny. Always look forward to your next meal, never regretting the last… and
        on days there aren’t gatherings, parties, and endless appetizers, commit to
        eating those healthy balanced meals.


    River Valley Health & Wellness
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  • UVWellness Festival 2015

    You don’t want to miss out on 3rd Annual Upper Valley Wellness Festival!

    Sunday, August 16, 2015 from 1 – 4:00 pm

    Join us this Sunday 8/16/15 on the green (Colburn Park) in Lebanon to support WISE and have a lot of fun in the process! Inner peace & happiness is a fast track to health and wellness!

    We are back for another year and looking forward to an even bigger and better event! Last year we raised over $5,000 for WISE and this year we are hoping to double that!

    “Live Local, Eat Local, and Play Local.”

    Through this event we want to raise the awareness of local wellness vendors in the Upper Valley that help make the Upper Valley a place to have fun, be healthy and inspire wellness.

    In addition, this event will help WISE in their mission ending violence in the Upper Valley. WISE is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people and communities impacted by domestic violence, sexual violence and stalking. They provide a confidential and free 24 hour crisis line, support groups and workshops, emergency shelter, safety planning and accompaniment to hospitals, police stations, court houses and other social service agencies. The Prevention and Education Program at WISE teaches healthy relationship skills and sexual violence prevention to students, educators and parents, training on trauma-informed support for professionals, best practice for businesses and relevant workshops for your everyday life. WISE believes in empowerment and knows that you make your best decisions when you have information and support.  You are the expert in your life. To learn more about WISE please visit, www.WISEuv.org.

    Upper Valley Chiropractic will be there with info about brain health and balance and how it ties into body health and wellness!

    The Portervision Mindfit Stress Relief Therapy systems will be up and running for demo use!

    We will also have Health & Wellness Vendors, Food, Children’s Activities, Raffle Prizes, Fitness & Yoga Classes!info card

    Stop by, bring your friends, tell your neighbors, the community of people makes things like this GREAT!

    ~Dr. Bryan Natusch

    ~Dr. Amber McLelland

    Schedule for the day:
    Adult Classes
    1:00 – 1:30 pm The Edge Fitness Center
    1:45 – 2:15 pm Mighty Yoga
    2:30 – 3:00 pm YogaPiphany or Zumba
    3:15 – 3:45 pm RVC
    Kids Zone Classes
    1:30 – 2:00 pm Kids Yoga
    3:00 – 3:30 pm Kids Yoga
    All day Other kids games
    All day Build a Fairy House
    All day Face Painting
    All day Decorate your own Yoga Mat

    Check out our vendors this year!!!! And we may have a few last minute additions……..stay tuned and mark your calendar for this Sunday!‪#‎UVWellnessFestival‬

    The Sunshine Fairy – natural bath & body products and mala beads (www.thesunshinefairy.com)
    · Vermont Natural Whipping Queen – natural skin care body butter (www.vermontnaturalwhippingqueen.com)
    · Nerium International – natural skin and cosmetic line (www.mlroy.nerium.com)
    · Swiss Just – essential oils and body products (www.swissmindbodysoul.com)
    · Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (www.ppnne.org)
    · Be Well @ The River Valley Club (www.rivervalleyclub.com)
    · Yogapiphany Wellness (www.ypwellness.com)
    · Mighty Yoga (www.mightyyoga.com)
    · Yoga by Land & Lake (www.yogabylandandlake.com)
    · The Edge Fitness Center @ Ascutney Mountain Resort (www.edgevtwellness.com)
    · Upper Valley Aquatic Center (www.uvacswim.org)
    · Bear Intent Massage (bearintent.com)
    · Upper Valley Chiropractic (www.uppervalleychiropractic.com)
    · Upper Valley Reiki (www.uppervalleyreiki.com)
    · Amy Fortier – personal trainer and artist (www.Amyfortier.com)
    · Macoma Cooperative Preschool – helping with the Kids Zone (www.mascomacooperativepreschool.org)


    Please let us know if you have any other questions!!

    Upper Valley Chiropractic, PLLC
    103 Hanover St. Ste 14
    Lebanon, NH 03766
  • RSVP HERE on FACEBOOK EVENTS!  https://www.facebook.com/events/515118841846244/

    poster Wellness Expo2 medium

    FREE Natural Health Expo

    Saturday 12-1-12

    12 noon – 3 PM

    At the offices of Upper Valley Chiropractic and Yogapiphany

    Explore your options to Better Health Naturally!

    Achieve more than you ever thought possible!

    Meet the professionals that can help you with:

    • Natural Healthcare Methods for Families, Kids, Athletes, Infants, Pregnancy, Autism, and SI disorders
    • Massage Therapy and Bodywork
    • Group and Private Yoga, Pilates, and Fitness Classes
    • Wellness Products
    • Weight Loss and Semi-Personal Training
    • Reiki work and classes
    • Nutrition and Health Coaching
    • Acupuncture
    • Natural Bath and Body Products
    • and MORE!

    NOW is the time to start thinking HEALTHY and WELL for yourself and your family!  Start here and build your WELLNESS TEAM!

    Tell Your Friends!  Post on Facebook, bring your Family!

    There will be:

    Door Prize Drawings for great products and services!

    Food, Products, Samples, and Demonstrations of what’s available!

    Download Flyer to print/email and share

    For more information contact Upper Valley Chiropractic at 603-298-7400 or info-AT-uppervalleychiropractic.com

    You can also check in with:

    Tonimarie Tassinari, LMT  www.bearintent.com

    Susan Reade, Health Coach  www.susanreade.com

    Nicole Carriere, Health Coach and Yoga Instructor www.ypyogastudios.com

    Ben Dearman, www.KDRfitness.com

    Cheri Roberts, Reiki Master and Wellness Educator, www.vitalhealthplus.com

    Chris Mayer, L.Ac.  Rooted Health Acupuncture

    Haven and Hill,  Natural Bath and Body Products

    Susan Burke, Everybody Pilates

    Drs. Bryan Natusch and Amber McLelland, www.uppervalleychiropractic.com

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