• sports-chiropractic-careAs an athlete of any level, your body is forced to face the challenges and stresses of your increased lifestyle the best it possibly can.  Naturally you are better able to adapt to these stresses when you are in optimal alignment structurally from the ground up.   Every joint in the body has the ability to be in or out of alignment.. and this determines how well the joint moves, how strong the muscles are, how coordinated the brain is with the limbs, how easily the muscles fatigue, and even how severe an injury will be when the injury happens!

    In addition to your structural alignment, an even more important factor is the optimal neurological communication that happens billions of times every second from your brain to your body, muscles, and joints.. and then from those areas back to the brain.  Interestingly enough.. as humans we cannot feel this part of our nerve system even though it is about 90% of all of our nerves!  So if you cannot feel it… how do you know if it’s working optimally or not?  You

    dance-chiropractic-careSo whether you’re a recreational athlete, weekend warrior, high school, college, club, elite, or pro level athlete.. we are fully prepared to help you return to your sport, restore as optimal function as possible, and then maintain it so you can be as consistent and “on fire” as possible.

    The full athlete’s evaluation will include a computerized:

    • nerve system evaluation on the nerve roots you cannot feel !
    • Para-Spinal Muscle Balance Scan
    • Digital weight-bearing foot and posture scan
    • Spinal X-Rays if necessary

    This is all a part of the new patient evaluation visit to help us determine how we can help you be FIT 4 IT…   whatever IT is that you want to be fit for!