• TASTY KALE CHIPS (burn free)

    kale photo2 medBy Dr. Bryan Natusch

    Have you burnt too many kale chips in the oven? I’ve come up with an updated recipe and cooking method that gets great tasting chips without the burn factor!

    • 1 bunch fresh organic Kale (we like the frilly kind the best, but any leafy green will work)
    • Olive Oil
    • Sea Salt

    kale photo1 med

    Pre-heat oven to 350 deg.

    Tear 1 bunch of KALE into 2-3 inch pieces, discarding the thick stalk

    rinse off and put in bowl, use a few paper towels to get as much water off as possible.

    Sprinkle Olive Oil on.. just enough to lighly coat everything (people often put too much on)

    Lay out flat on baking sheet. The best results come from as much air flow around the leaves as possible, so we use a wire “vegetable roasting tray” typically used for grilling, but you can use oven safe drying racks, roasting pans with the vents in them, pizza sheets with the holes, etc.Season with a little SEA SALT (or other spices if you wish)

    kale photo med

    Put the trays into the oven and immediately turn the temperature down to 210 deg.

    Do this 3 times (15 minutes total)  Usually by this point the frilly parts of the leaves and edges are getting morecrunchy.  If they’re still quite soggy, you may want to do an additional 5 minutes.Open the oven door for about 10 seconds every 5 minutes to let the steam out.

    Then turn the oven off, leaving the kale trays in the oven for 30 – 45 minutes or longer.  Remove when ready(with the oven off you can leave it overnight, or during work, and take them out when you get back and they’ll be perfectly done!)

    Remove from oven, share the healthy goodness with kids, family, and friends.

    Some people crumble these up and put them over popcorn, over salad, or on sandwiches to give an extra nutritious kick!

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