• neck-painIs PAIN  your problem right now?  While it is easy to become focused on the pain itself.. pain is not your problem.  Your body’s only way to tell you there is a problem is with symptoms.. like PAIN.  So your symptoms are your emergency alarms going off full force telling you there are problems that your body can no longer adapt to.

    Regardless of what your pain or symptoms are, our first goal is to determine the causes, how much is being affected, and what we can do about it.  Then if we can help you, we begin the first stage of care, called thevCrisis Care phase.  Once your symptoms are decreasing and going away, the next phase is the Correction Care phase.  This is when we address the underlying issues that would otherwise cause your symptoms and injuries to reoccur.

    joint-painWe recognize that there’s more to health and healing than just feeling better.  So we base our recommendations on more important factors than just how someone feels.  Our ultimate goal is to get to the root of the problems, not just cover them up, so the body can heal as completely as possible AND become as healthy as possible.