• chiropractic-babyWhen asked why infants and children may need a chiropractic evaluation our first response is always, “Have you seen the birthing process?” All kidding aside it’s important to acknowledge that kids at any age have stresses on their systems both physical and physiological.  Every bump and tumble, growth spurt, sports injury and illness causes stress on the nervous system.  At our office, we’re committed to the betterment of the health and function of children in our community.  By evaluating kids from the start you can ensure that they grow up with every advantage to face a less than superior environment.

    We cater to the pediatric patient and have a large pediatric population in our practice.  We joke that during our pediatric adjusting times our office looks more like a playgroup than a health care facility.  We focus a lot of our time, research and education on the very particular needs of this group.  Adjusting infants and children is very different than adults in many ways, both evaluation and care program.  We have sensitive nervous system evaluation technology in the office that helps to get more information about the function of the pediatric nervous system.  In the New Year, Dr. McLelland will be embarking on a 3 year pediatric diplomate program to further the knowledge even more so to better help serve the needs of children.