• pregnancy-chiropracticOne of our favorite sayings is that a pregnant woman’s body is no longer her own.  To say that they face some new stresses and challenges is indeed an understatement.  Our focus and approach with pregnancy is a bit different than our average patient.

    Yes, we still focus on the whole body making sure that there is proper nerve function, diet, ergonomics and exercise, but we also have to address the issues unique to pregnancy.  There are instability issues, structural and weight changes, nutritional taxes and food sensitivities that need to monitored and addressed.  Keeping these areas working optimally, you can ensure the best and healthiest pregnancy possible.

    We hear often from patients that are with us both before and during pregnancy that their pregnancy and labor was easier with more energy, less pain, and faster recovery time.

    pregnancy-wellnessBreech presentation is a very specific issue that we work with at our office.  The concern associated with this is that it often results in a c-section delivery.  For those that value a more natural approach to the birthing process this presents an obvious dilemma.

    Webster technique is used within the pediatric chiropractic community as a means to gently and effectively allow the baby to turn within the uterus without being forced into position.  This has been wildly successful when utilized in our office and has been used on patients as late as 39 weeks.  Webster technique uses the sacrum and round ligaments to relieve any contracture of the uterus and surrounding tissues.  This allows for the baby to turn on its own providing there are no other structural reasons for why the baby is breech.

    This technique is considerably less stressful on both the mother and baby than the traditional medical version maneuver.