• Is your head filled with visions of sugarplums

    (or to-do lists)?


     Staying Balanced, Healthy, and Sane During the Holidays Workshop

    (Simple Ways to Finish this Year with Grace and Ease)


    christmas tea

    Too many of us start the New Year exhausted, stressed out, unhappy, and glad to be leaving the holiday season behind.


    Why do we feel defeated before the season even starts?

    It’s hard to stay on track, to honor our priorities, and to keep your life in balance during this busy time.

    But, there ARE some things you can do to stay calm, healthy, balanced and sane, and NOW is the time to start.


    *Learn how to:

    • build immunity
    • cope with stress
    • balance blood sugar

    so you can take full advantage of the beauty of the holiday season

    and start off the new year right!



    Tuesday, Dec. 10 at 12:30pm


    Thursday, Dec 12 at 7pm

    Upper Valley Chiropractic (103 Hanover St., Lebanon)



    Led by Susan Reade, Certified Health and Nutrition Counselor, MAT, AADP www.susanreade.com


    Please r.s.v.p to susanreade@gmail.com



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