• UVC Grand Opening v2

    Grand Opening for 3 businesses’ new locations:

    Join us in celebration of the growth and expansion of these businesses to a beautiful new location at:

    103 Hanover St., Lebanon, NH 03766

    12 noon – 4 PM

    Door Prizes, Games, Healthy Foods, Office Tours, Free Chair Massage

    There will be fun for the whole family!  This will be an excellent event for pregnant women, newborns, babies, kids, teens, adults, athletes, active people, and those that want to rely less on medications and surgeries, more on whole body healthy living principles!

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  • This evening spawned a new creation (in our house at least). It was inspired by the aging single veggies left in our fresh food bowl and refrigerator drawers, and the desire to have something easy as well as nutrient dense.

    Meet: Garlic Mashed________.


    • 5-6 new potatoes
    • 1 small yellow squash
    • 1/2 of a medium zucchini
    • 3-4 large cloves of garlic
    • 1 large Chioggia Beet
    • 2 Tbsp. Organic Butter
    • Sprinkle of Sea Salt
    • Dash of Ground Pepper
    • 1-2 sliced up Green Onion shoots

    Chop up the garlic, potatoes (skin ON), squash, zucchini, and beet into quarters or chunks then boil until it’s all soft.. 5-10 mins. Drain and add salt and pepper, and butter to taste. Next mash up all the ingredients until it’s well mixed together. Add in the Green Onion, mix a bit and there you have it!

    Here’s a tasty alternative to the high glycemic regular mashed potatoes.. much more nutritious and lower glycemic for keeping that blood sugar down, energy up, and arteries healthier. This would be a great alternative for people with diabetes, too! If you could go without the potatoes altogether that would be even better!

    Dr. Bryan Natusch and Dr. Amber McLelland, www.uppervalleychiropractic.com

    Thanks to: Hurricane Flats Farm for your amazing food that sustains our family week after week…. and for your desire to be organic farmers as well as cart your goods to the Lebanon Farmers’ Market every Thursday from 4-7PM.

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  • Call 603-298-7400

    The transition is complete for our phone system at the new office.  Thanks to the technology available today, we’re able to keep the same great number you have known for the last 5 years!

    Thanks for your patience with this, and we’re trying to make the transition as easy as possible.

    Your wellness team at UVC

    Dr. Bryan Natusch

    Dr. Amber McLelland

    Mary Decato

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  • new office pic103 Hanover St. in Lebanon, NH will be our NEW HOME!

    The 2400 sq. ft. office houses 2 exam rooms, a separate kids play room, exercise area as well as all the other amenities we had before.  We have two rooms to sublet to other health care practitioners, one of which has been leased to a massage therapist.  We’re excited about the new place and hope you will be too.   Can’t wait to see you there!

    The phone number stays the same:  603-298-7400

    Directions can be found here

    Find us on facebook.com/uvchiro for photos of the build out process.

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  • Even just one time use of these can result in death!!!!!

    If you are

    • a loving parent just trying to do something for your child as they go through the teething process,
    • often using cough drops, throat sprays, canker sore/cold sore gels or liquids,
    • using products to kill pain from cuts and scrapes

    You NEED TO START READING LABELS of the products you use!!!! The life of your child or yourself is in jeopardy!!!!

    The FDA has put out a new warning on products that contain an ingredient called Benzocaine. There is a condition resulting from it’s use carrying varying degrees of severity, with toddlers at the greatest risk because of their teething treatments. It’s called Methemoglobinemia, and it’s a direct result of benzocaine use where the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood is significantly reduced to the point of possible death!

    “Benzocaine is a local anesthetic commonly used as a topical pain reliever. You can also find it in cough drops, throat sprays, and gels or liquids used for teething and canker sores (cold sores).

    Over-the-counter benzocaine products are typically used for pain associated with cuts and scrapes, sore throats, canker sores, and teething. There are far safer alternatives to treat all of these discomforts.” See more info on this HERE on mercola.com

    According to Drugs.com:

    “Methemoglobinemia has been reported with all strengths of benzocaine gels and liquids, and cases occurred mainly in children aged two years or younger who were treated with benzocaine gel for teething.”

    Drugs.com April 7, 2011

    You should be reading your labels carefully anyway, but this is an ingredient you want to make sure NEVER enters anyone in your family again. The skin is your body’s largest organ and whatever you put ON the skin gets IN the body as well.. so remember that just because you’re not getting it in the mouth or in an open wound that you’re safe.

    Every medication has side-effects which are actually your body’s toxic response to the chemicals and ingredients in the medication.. and there really is no such thing as a safe medication.

    There are many all natural and safe ways to manage pain in general, as well as teething, throat pain and sore throats, cold sores and canker sores, cuts and scrapes, chronic pain, etc. Here’s a link to Dr. Mercola’s article for some great descriptions on these.

    • Ice is the best pain reliever… keep them handy.. and apply 10 minutes for thinner body parts and 20 minutes for thicker parts. Never more than 20 minutes, but to optimize the process take it off for 30 minutes or more, then re-apply for another 10-20 and repeat. Make sure to keep a thin layer of fabric (like a cotton t-shirt) between the ice and your skin.
    • For teething help: refrigerated teething rings, or frozen dampened washcloths, or even the mesh baby snack holders with frozen fruit in it work great. Also check on homeopathic teething tabs or liquids as these have been helpful, too.
    • Raw Honey for: Sore Throats and wound care. See Dr. Mercola’s descriptions here for more info on how to use these.
    • Canker Sores/Cold Sores are often an autoimmune response relating to chocolate, citrus, or wheat! Stop eating these foods and you’ll likely see an improvement.
    • The best pain killer that’s 100% natural, powerful, and can be done anywhere without any cost is a self-administered form of emotional, needle-less acupuncture called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. We use this and recommend you learn it as well.

    Also, don’t forget that the nerve system communicates the appropriate messages from your brain to your body, and from the body back to the brain for injury and wound feedback as well as healing response. Chiropractic checkups followed by regular chiropractic care and additional visits during challenging times are recommended to insure that optimal messages are getting through between the brain-body connection. This keeps the healing response optimal for the body and provides the foundation for the most speedy recovery possible.

    Ask us if you have any questions about how chiropractic checkups may help you, or if you want ideas of other safe, all natural options for your family.

    April 25, 2011 Bryan Natusch, DC, www.uppervalleychiropractic.com

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  • Dr. Natusch and Dr. McLelland at 2011 Homelife Show Hanover, NH

    Dr. Natusch and Dr. McLelland at 2011 Homelife Show Hanover, NH

    Why do pregnant women, babies, children, or even athletes need chiropractic care?  Dr. Natusch and Dr. McLelland are at the home show teaching people why it’s vitally important to seek chiropractic care in these situations and others.

    You can have a demonstration scan done on your neck that shows the NASA certified space technology used at Upper Valley Chiropractic to evaluate the functional efficiency of each person’s nerve system.  If there are any areas of nerve interference between your brain and your body, the scan shows colors like green, blue, or even red to show the severity!

    You can also see the digital foot scanning system they use to evaluate your feet and determine if you’re prone to injury, fatigue, degeneration, or lack of strength and performance all based on a picture of your foot while standing!

    Stop by to see some pictures of babies and kids getting adjusted for optimal health, or ask the doctors questions about how to improve the health and development of yourself or your family.  You can even find out how to get a free E-Book on their Facebook welcome page.

    The show goes on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, March 25-27 2011.  See the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce site for more info.

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  • This morning Dr. Bryan was interviewed by Beth and Dru during the Big Show on Kixx 100.5.  If you heard it, comment below and let us know!

    If you would like to hear Dr. Amber McLelland and Dr. Bryan Natusch on the air more, or think it would be helpful, let us know too.

    He was able to discuss the fact that chiropractic care is not just for people with back and neck pain, but for everyone with a spine and nerve system that wishes to have proper function of their body, improved healing and adaptation, better health, and to live long and live strong!  The age groups they work with are newborns all the way up through the elderly, with techniques that are comfortable and safe for each person.

    They also talked about how important it is for people that feel fine to get a checkup because of the fact that 90% of the nerves in the body can’t be felt, and if there is interference or malfunctions in those areas, the only way to know is to have a chiropractic checkup.  These interferences can lead to decreased immune system response, low energy, problems focusing and cloudy thought, sensitivities and allergies, and organ problems like asthma, ear infections, digestive concerns, and much more.  On a physical level the same misalignments that cause interferences to the nerves also lead to faster degeneration of the bones and joints otherwise called arthritis, as well as being more prone to injuries.

    Dru also had a question regarding sleep issues and how chiropractic may help with this.  Dr. Bryan mentioned that if there is subluxation or misalignment of the spine causing nerve intereferences in the body and brain, the body doesn’t clearly know when to shut down and sleep, or when to wake up and be active, but gets all jumbled and confused.  Dr. Bryan and Dr. Amber have seen many adults, children, and babies that note improved sleep habits when they are getting adjusted.

    You can contact Dr. Bryan Natusch and Dr. Amber McLelland at www.uppervalleychiropractic.com for more information and questions, or you can call them at 603-298-7400.  The office, Upper Valley Chiropractic, PLLC. “A Family Health and Wellness Center” is located on 12A in West Lebanon, NH.  The address is 107 South Main St, West Lebanon, NH 03784.

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  • You are cordially invited to attend the

    Health, Money & Love

    Upper Valley Family Focus Day

    (Educational Workshops and Exhibits)

    Saturday, November 7th, 9:30am – 3 pm

    Lebanon College – 15 Hanover Street, Lebanon, NH

    Admission w/Donation!

    This event is put together by a group of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of others by educating families in the Upper Valley on Health, Financial and Relationship issues.  It is a fund raiser for the Hannah House, so just bring a package of diapers size 2, 3, or 4 as your donation!

    www.uvfamilyfocus.org for registration and more information

    Workshops and Exhibits Available:

    Please Register by Friday 11/6 to help us prepare for the event!

    See you there!

    The Team At Upper Valley Chiropractic: Bryan Natusch, D.C., Amber McLelland, D.C., Jill Perkins, Certified CA

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  • Even this infectious disease expert agrees that the so-called epidemic swine flu media hype has gotten way out of control. He’s saying that it’s “lost it’s virulence” and now “If you had to choose.. you should choose the “swine flu” over the seasonal flu” because it’s more mild. No talk of epidemic death imminent, or anything close to the sort.

    And as they move on to the topic of the vaccine… he mentions a bunch reasons to avoid this vaccine at all costs. He notes extreme levels of adjuvants (or preservatives) like thimerosal (ethyl mercury), and many others. The mercury levels are 25,000 times the acceptable amount if it was in drinking water or foods, as well as serum (blood) levels 100 times the toxic level in humans! This causes problems in the body, especially to a certain group of people. The population of particular concern because of possible damage are children, pregnant women, people with mitochondrial disorders that are prone to autism with thimerosal vaccine exposure, people with neurological illnesses, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia.

    Also of his concern, and ours as well, is the fact that these have been fast tracked through the developmental and testing phases to get them to the public as fast as humanly possible. Could this be because if they take too long, the supposed deadly swine flu pandemic will fizzle out even more, and people will recognize the excessive hype and fear promotion as over-reacting.. ultimately refusing to get the vaccine? That would be a very large loss of income for the pharmaceutical companies already making a pretty penny off of the governments ordering up billions of vaccines in the name of public safety.

    In this video Dr. Kent Holtdorf says he will NOT give it to his kids, and we couldn’t agree more. Dr. Amber and I will not be choosing to get this vaccination, and we will not be having our baby vaccinated either.

    If you have any concerns about your choices with vaccinations, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the resources and scientific information useful to make a truly supported informed decision on whether to vaccinate or not.

    If you choose to get vaccinated, I would highly recommend looking into detoxification before and after.. something along the lines of heavy metal detox. If you would like a recommendation on this, also just ask.

    Ultimately the best thing you can do in any health challenge is to ask yourself: What are the things that I can do to improve and boost the health, vitality, and immune system integrity of my body. Chiropractic care plays an important and substantial role in restoring optimal function and immune system response to the body. If you’re ready for a checkup to determine if and how chiropractic can help you, call Jill at 603-298-7400 to schedule a checkup for your whole family.

    Bryan Natusch, DC

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  • Baby monkeys, used because of their genetic similarity to humans, were vaccinated at birth with 1 dose of Hepatitis B vaccine containing 1/6th the amount of ethyl mercury (thimerosal) that is in human vaccines like the flu and H1N1 vaccines… with astonishing results…… brain stem controlled neurological developmental reflex delays…. ONLY 1 DOSE OF 1 VACCINE!!!!!

    “As for the three significant reflexes, vaccinated macaques learned more slowly to:

    1. turn their head in response to a brush on the cheek (the root reflex)
    2. open their mouth in response to a brush on the forehead (the snout reflex)
    3. suck on a nipple placed in their mouth (the suck reflex).”

    If you have children that already show concerns in these departments.. seriously consider the application and impact of further vaccines. If you are expecting a newborn at some point.. do your research, ask questions, look around… you have options that are legal and backed with sound science to drastically alter or avoid altogether the current “recommended” vaccine schedule.

    Unfortunately, we’re seeing more and more families that are having developmental delays with their children, and many that are having difficulty breastfeeding.. ultimately resulting in formula feeding through a bottle out of frustration and anger that their baby is just not good at breastfeeding. This fallout can start a lifelong impact of immune, digestive, nutritional, and developmental concerns.

    The question is.. how many vaccines are given or recommended in combinations, or in cocktails where these results may be drastically more severe?

    Some of these delays and reflexes can be improved upon with chiropractic care, which is found to also remove any neurological interferences restricting the full expression of these reflexes, but this study brings a big question: Would the responses to adjustments and other care options like PT and OT be drastically improved if internal neuro-toxicity from vaccination was not playing a part?

    ~Dr. Natusch

    Just published and released in Neurotoxicology download here
    Above quote from the ridiculously extensive and very detailed review of this article on www.ageofautism.com
    If you have any interest in this topic I suggest you read this review to understand how in depth this study was done… simply fantastic.